Salvage Bases and Missions

Salvage Bases and Missions are guidelines for use with the 5e Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Oracle of War Adventurers League campaign.
These pages are devoted to the operation of Salvage Bases by members of the New Mexico Gamers Society.
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Salvage Bases are setup in the Mournland, a terrifying, magically warped landscape in the Eberron campaign setting.
When characters complete Salvage Missions they earn salvage that can be used to upgrade their bases.
These bases originate near Salvation, a frontier town on the border of the Mournland’s mists.

Characters can modify their bases with mundane and magical upgrades, which make their home a better place to live, rest, and defend.Each upgrade costs a specific amount of salvage, which cannot be modified. When the characters first get their base, they can only purchase tier 1 upgrades. Other tiers become available as the characters increase in level and spend salvage to buy into the next tier of upgrades.

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