New Mexico Gamers Society Moderator Guide

Remember that all participants want to have fun & should feel safe & included at all times.

Moderators for NMGS are held to the highest standards.

Click HERE to view or download the PDF of this Moderator Guide.

Guard's Conduct:

All those that wish to be moderators for New Mexico Gamer’s Society discord channels must read, agree, & abide by the NMGS Code of Conduct. Violating the Code of Conduct will be grounds for being removed and banned from the NMGS discord server.

Who goes there?

All moderators must provide the Administrators with a copy of their current state issued picture id. In the event that NMGS hosts in person events with minors all moderators involved must provide a full background check at their own expense.


All moderators understand and agree that this is a volunteer only position and expect no income based off of their involvement.

Becoming a Moderator for NMGS

If you would like to be considered for the position of moderator when the need arises, please fillout and submit the form below.

This site as well as the associated discord & scheduling platform are not managed by any specific game store's employees.

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