New Mexico Gamers Society has a couple of trusted moderators that ensure all members are following the Code of Conduct in the NMGS discord. These are individuals that have been active in the gaming community for years and you can always go to if there are ever any issues that need to be addressed. While we work to facilitate an inclusive environment where everyone feels welcome, they are there to help guard against any problematic elements.

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Daniel is a creative professional with more than five years of promotions management experience for tabletop role playing games. They are passionate about bringing together communities that last & was thrilled to join the New Mexico Gamers Society team when they saw how NMGS was keeping together the love and imagination of gamers when everyone had to be physically apart. Daniel is one of the leads in the Game Design channel that encourages NMGS members to network for game production and development. They have also helped work on developing a number of games such as Heroes of Tara, Magic School Mystery, His Excellency's Chef, Fuel Priest, & more. One of the great local events that they helped to facilitate was called D&D&Drag where drag queens and others played out a session of D&D on stage before a live audience. In their spare time Daniel is a drag queen and enjoys meditating as well as live action role playing. Daniel Nimitz website Daniel's Twitter Heroe's of Tara Magic School Mystery His Excellency's Chef Fuel Priest
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Hans profile coming soon.

Daniel Nimitz
Hans Engvall

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