New Mexico Gamers Society was established & is maintained by Christof & Linda Deimer. They were married in 2010 & are partners in every way. Both run their own events through NMGS on a regular basis (primarily D&D 5e) & partcipate as players in games run by other Event Hosts when they are able. If you have any questions or need help with anything, they are always willing to do what they can.

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Linda had played a number of RPGs back in the 90’s & came back to the hobby in 2014 with a number of different games being run with her family. Near the beginning of 2018 she began running 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons for Adventures League at her Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) alongside her partner & they both became very active in the local gaming community. This activity included assisting with organizing bi-weekly adventurers league nights at the FLGS, keeping everyone current on the most recent guidelines for organized play, creating & distributing various player handouts & pre-generated characters, running multiple DM training classes, as well as helping create & coordinate the D&D organized play for youth called Briar Guard Heroes.

Linda has taken several courses at the college level focusing on art studio & was an active member of the local theater community volunteering at the Albuquerque Little Theatre to fill several behind the scenes roles. She has a wide breadth of working experience from restaurant management to technical support to pharmacy benefit management. She & her partner are the parents of two wonderful children who she had spent a large portion of her time & efforts into caring for as they grew up & they are both now young adults that are working on determining their path in life. Given her experience working in technical support & the time she has been running games on line she is reasonably savvy when it comes to working with the technology used for online table top games. Underlying medical conditions prevent Linda from being as active as she would like to be but through her sheer force of will she accomplishes a lot more than many with her health issues might be capable of.

While DMing Linda prefers to run for players that are new to Role-Playing or at least new to this edition of D&D so that she can teach. She & her partner began running D&D for children for the sake of their autistic son. While raising a child with special needs requires a fair amount of patience, they both quickly learned that running Role Playing Games for a group of children takes a great deal more. As interest grew she & her partner coordinated a team of DMs to run tables for the youth & developed Briar Guard Heroes. When in person gaming was possible she was running sessions for Adventures League two to four times a week with as many as sixteen players at a time. Each winter Linda would have to social distance due to underlying health conditions & as such began running games online when she was unable to make it into the FLGS. In 2020 with everyone having to be in the same boat, she & her partner started New Mexico Gamers Society to help support their local game stores & to keep the gaming community alive. Like her partner, Linda is a very visual DM & prefers to have representation for things when possible including battle maps, tokens, handouts, etc.

In her role as one of the Admins for New Mexico Gamers Society she gets new event hosts setup with their access, schedules all newly submitted events, helps moderate & maintain the discord server, & works to promote scheduled events when possible. She also helps with character creation when needed as well as setting up pregenerated characters & games in Virtual table Tops for other Dungeon Masters to make use of. Both she & her partner run regular games for the community & try to encourage diversity in gaming to bring in players of all types of games. Linda FaceBook Briar Guard Heroes Dungeon Master's Guild publications
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Christof has played & run nearly every version of Dungeons & Dragons since the black box 1st edition back in the mid 80's. He has also played & run several other RPG systems including Shadow Run, West End Games Star Wars, White Wolf's World of Darkness, Pathfinder, & Firefly/Serenity to name a few. He began playing 5th edition in December of 2017 at the Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). Within a month he began DMing sessions for Adventures League. Soon after both he & his partner became very active in the local gaming community. They have also published a good amount of content on DMs Guild including The Littlest Heroes a system for introducing D&D to preschoolers, & The Orb of Frostrealm a two part Tier 2 holiday adventure module. Christof has a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with an Art Studio Minor from the University of New Mexico & has gone back to school on a few occasions to take courses in web development & other software. Through his minor he is somewhat adept at image manipulation via software like Photoshop or Gimp & has also learned the trade of the silversmith. On a regular basis he makes maps & animated elements for virtual table top, custom character tokens or portraits. When the opportunity presents itself he also creates 3-d rendering for 3-d printing in resin & fabricated or cast jewelry & small scale sculpture from silver & other semiprecious metals. With the experience he has gained in web development he moderates a number of sites for the US Army Corps of Engineers as well as the website for the New Mexico Gamers Society. He has over a decade’s experience working in technical support & while he is not a heavy programmer he is reasonably savvy when it comes to working with the technology used for online table top games. In general terms he cares most about plot & character development as the story is always the more important to him than the game aspect but at the same time he tries to ensure that all participants have fun. When running games he tends to be fair handed & tries to achieve all three pillars of role playing games, Social, Combat & Exploration. A very visual DM, he prefers to have battle maps, terrain, detailed painted minis or customized tokens, animated elements, & handouts with relevant information or artwork to share with players. He likes to see characters be built with some thought into who they are beyond the stats & with a back ground story of just a few paragraphs to give an idea as to their origin. An image for what that character looks like is vital whether it be found artwork or specifically created for that character. He enjoys when players are invested in the game outside of the game session & communicate with each other in character or take the initiative to write session recaps & so forth. He feels that character sheets for online games should always be built with the integrated system that the Virtual Table Top offers rather than a third party software. In his role as one of the Admins for New Mexico Gamers Society he makes all updates to the website, helps facilitate the scheduling application & discord server, & works to promote scheduled events when possible. Outside of donations via the website he is also the sole financial contributor to all services utilized by New Mexico Gamers Society which include the Acuity scheduling service, Webhosting through Dreamhost, Pro subscription on Roll20, & monthly Zoom subscription for unlimited conference call durations. Christof FaceBook Instagram Dungeon Master's Guild publications

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