Since the dawn of the COVID era in early 2020, New Mexico Gamers Society has seen many players join our server and play in our games. As of the beginning of 2022 NMGS has over 200 approved members and is continuing to grow. Our members play games of all sorts on a regular basis and we're glad to be able to help foster this ever growning community. Here are some of our members that have volunteered their information to be featured on our site.

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Hello, my name is Bee! I am nonbinary and use They/Them or Fae/Faer pronouns! I like to draw, sing, and do silly voices. I play a lot of videogames in my free time, such as Borderlands, Stardew Valley, Starwars the Old Republic, and some others. I’m learning the ocarina, getting back into singing/songwriting, and I’m trying to pursue my dreams as a voice actor. I started playing Dungeons & Dragons 5e when I was about 15 and have been playing for about 2 years now. - While relatively young and newer to table-top RPGs, Bee gave DMing a try and ran Tales of the Yawning Portal through Roll20. While fae have not had the opportunity to run any games since then, fae are a very active member and have continued to play in a variety of games hosted through NMGS. Some of the games Bee has been active in would include Friday Night Fights (D&D PvP), Among Us, and the Eberron Oracle of War campaign. Table-top RPGs have aided Bee greatly on faer journey of self discovery.
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My name is Steven, my pronouns are they/he, and I've always had a strong preference for playing open world games where I can choose where to go and what to do. Some examples: Horizon Zero Dawn, Sea of Thieves, Elder Scrolls, Breath of the Wild, and Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Between my love for board games and Elder Scrolls, I became curious about DnD and eventually got my chance to try it a few years ago! The first gaming console I ever played on was the SNES in the early 2000s, I've been gaming ever since. I have cats and one likes to nap at my feet on the dog bed under my desk when I play games and the other reminds me to take breaks from gaming by asking for pets as I use a lot of my free time gaming on any given platform. I currently game on Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and PS5. In high school I had taken a web development class and feel in love with programming and eventually studied Computer Information Systems in college with a focus in web development. I've previously participated in an international robotics competition and my team got 2nd place. I’m currently working on building my own custom PC. - Steven has played in a number of D&D campaigns and tends towards taking on the role of a half-orc rogue. They most enjoy the combat and exploration aspects of table-top RPGs, especially when there is good visual representation available. At the same time they are keenly interested to see how the overall plot develops in the shared stories that are being told. Instagram Twitch
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I am a 3D artist who loves modeling creatures and monsters. I have an education in creating and building Video Games, with my degree focusing on the creation and design of Monsters and Characters. I've played a lot of Video Games (PC and Console) as well as table-top RPGs. I enjoy D&D and any MMORPG but I’m currently playing Final Fantasy XIV, Lost Ark and Guild Wars 2. I primarily play video games on the PS4/5 but also enjoy games on the Switch.I have a long history in creative writing but while I have never run games myself, I love the act of creating a story and building a world with other Players. I'm a generally creative and friendly person, the world and world(s) we spend our time in excite me and inspire me to create and explore. No matter who you are or where you come from I will be happy to be another person in your party!A true artist at heart, Gillian also makes custom resin cast dice, loves Critical Role, & plays as the druid Analee in the featured Mists of Ravenloft campaign. She generally focuses on character development over combat utility as the individuals’ backgrounds come forth & they grow with their own personal narratives. Instagram Art Station

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