New Mexico Gamers Society has more than a score of Event Hosts than run a variety of games from traditional RPGs like 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons to indie games such as Scum & Villainy or Dream Apart. We also have Event Hosts that coordinate group played video games like Among Us or World of Warcraft as well as tactical combat games such as X-Wing. Here are a few of our Event Hosts.

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Bernardo is the Staff Advisor for a College Esports Organization at the University of New Mexico and has has been in esports since 2004. He learned D&D from his fiancé about 4 years ago and while he runs 5e games he is also learning the Powered by the Apocalypse system as well as Cyberpunk Red and has played competitive Magic the Gathering since New Phyrexia. At the beginning of the pandemic he taught new 5e players how to play on discord. Bernardo’s preferred gaming systems are PC, D&D, and MtG, but he remains open to learning more systems. Most recently he is starting to run a campaign of Avatar Legends from the New Mexico based publishing company, Magpie Games. Bernardo tends to keep many irons in the fires and the fires running at all hours. Between working full-time, his fiancé, playing in a Delta Green/Pathfinder 2e game once a week, being a staff advisor, spending time with family and friends, and sitting as the President of the Albuquerque Extra Life Guild he keeps quite busy. He has some college experience and has been working in IT for 10+ years. As a game runner Bernardo focuses more on story and character interactions than tactical or combat focused elements. He likes to lean into digital solutions when possible, but for him theater of the mind with a user friendly app for a character sheet works perfectly in most cases. Bernardo is driven by healthy community building and making the gaming spaces (Pencil and Paper --> Esports) a more inclusive, diverse, safe, and welcoming space for all gamers in Albuquerque. His love for the success of the Local Game Store owners and the community builders is immense. We can be massive forces for positive change in the world, and impact the future in meaningful, equitable ways. UNM Esports Twitter
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Curtis Berry has been doing the DM thing for over 30 years and loving every minute of it. He loves being in on all the secrets and watching people get excited as the story unfolds and they figure the mystery out. In 1983, a friend introduced him to the wonderful world of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Curtis was a junior in High School and couldn't wait until the middle of the day so that he could spend his precious 30 minutes of lunchtime playing. Soon he began to create and run his own games fleshing out a world called Irith which he drew in colored pencil on several pieces of graph paper placed side-by-side to show the maps. Curtis created adventures for his players based upon material from his imaginary world, and they seemed to like it very much. The number of people who would attend his games on a consistent basis over the years told him that he could not only run a good game, but spin a good yarn as well.Curtis was born an Air Force brat in a hospital on Lakenheath Air Force Base in England near Mildenhall. While he was but a wee baby, his father was shipped back to the U.S.A. where he grew up primarily in Albuquerque, NM. After graduating from High School in 1984, he struck out on his own and sowed some oats while learning the hard way that without a college education, he was going to be looking at some low pay for a long time. During that time he worked a few places and learned a few skills. Curtis graduated from the University of New Mexico in 2003 with a degree in Journalism and Communication. He says that could have finished in 1997 and while he won't make excuses, he does advise that everyone attend college if possible and get their degree as early as they can. Be sure to stick to it, even when times are tough as it is the best investment you'll ever make. Curtis currently work as a Tier 2 Tech support rep at can you hear me now? As a DM Curtis is fairly balanced across all of the pillars of play but tends not to be very competitive. He likes pie, and spends a lot of time working, writing, playing D&D, reading, and raising his blood pressure by playing chess. Curtis has published two novels set in his world of Irith, both of which are available on Amazon (linked below) Shades of Light: Book One of the Walker Chronicles & Rise of the Serpents: Book Two of the Walker Chronicles. World of Irith Amazon
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Dylan’s a former touring musician & professional artist that now channels his creativity into D&D. He’s a lifelong video & table top gamer who began running Dungeons & Dragons in 2019 & has run exclusively 5e since then. Thanks to the pandemic, his DM career has taken place mostly online where he typically runs 2 games a week. Dylan graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Studio Art Degree. After college he pursued a career in electronic music, releasing 5 albums & touring nationally as a DJ. During that time he supported his musical habits with professional graphic design work. These days he owns a local business with his brother-in-law, & has embraced the business professional by day, gigantic nerd by night life style. D&D is his current creative outlet but he still puts that art degree to work, creating most of his own maps & assets for adventures, & curating the perfect playlists to role play to. Dylan’s DM style is all about improvisation & group storytelling & his tables are governed by one singular philosophy, let's have fun! Dylan is far more interested in having a fun time telling a great story together than making sure everyone stays mechanically rigid to the rules. If it makes sense & it is fun for everyone, then roll for it! Slay Dragons Discord Server
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Mark was introduced to gaming through Call of Cthulhu, & prefers to run games that focus on storytelling & character interactions. He enjoys indie collaborative narrative games like Blades in the Dark, Scum & Villainy, Tales from the Loop, 13th Age, Dialect, Trail of Cthulhu, Fiasco!, Mission Accomplished! & various Powered by the Apocalypse spin-offs including Masks, Escape from Dino Island, Passion de la Passiones.
Mark also runs 5th Edition D&D Adventurer's League sessions sometimes -- mainly because it's easy to get a group together at short notice -- but he pushes the 5e game engine in directions it wasn't necessarily designed for, like saving open mic night at a tavern, or racing owlbears through a magical wasteland.
For him, the appeal of playing tabletop RPGs face-to-face (or in the age of Corona, via video call) is that it lets you be someone else for a little while. He feels that if he was after tactical combat he'd fire up a computer game rather than include it in a tabletop RPG.
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Holt began playing D&D in 1984 (yes, you had to color in the numbers on the dice using the crayon in the box!) but took a long hiatus from RPGs in which he only played some freeform from time to time. 35 years later he rediscovered his love for D&D while teaching his kids the game at their request, & began to DM for the first time in 2019.
He dove back in during the COVID-19 lockdown & has run hundreds of hours of Pathfinder, D&D 5E Adventurer's League, & homebrew games since 2020. His DM style includes a love of combat encounters, attempting to bring humor & fun to the table, utilizing a wide variety of nearly three different NPC accents, & pretending to actually know what he is doing.
Holt is an alumnus of New Mexico State University & has been an IT professional for more than 25 years. The shift to online play in 2020 has provided him the opportunity to geek out on both the Roll20 & Foundry Virtual Table Tops. He is an avid distance runner & uses that outdoor time to listen to D&D podcasts, audiobooks, & come up with stupid homebrew ideas.
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Eddie started gaming back in the eighties with the original first edition Holmes/BECMI Dungeons & Dragons as well as the 3rd edition Call of Cthulhu. He has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Theater from UNM & has worked True Dungeon, a Dungeons & Dragons style live action event that is run at major gaming conventions.
Eddie regularly runs D&D 5e Adventurers League 5e & has also run non-organized play adaptations of older edition modules as well as Call of Cthulhu. His preferred running style leans more towards character & story development, but he doesn't shy away from tactical combat when it's called for. 
														   Eddie has also acted professionally in various stage productions at local theaters such as the Albuquerque Little Theatre, is involved in dinner-theatre, and ran D&D games for kids attending Briar Guard Heroes events pre-COVID. True Dungeon

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