New Mexico Gamers Society Discord Rules

Remember that all participants want to have fun & should feel safe & included at all times.

You must read and agree to the below Discord Rules in order to participate on the NMGS Discord server.

Click HERE to view or download the PDF of these Discord Rules.

Hero's Conduct:

All those that wish to join the New Mexico Gamer’s Society discord channels must read, agree, & abide by the NMGS Code of Conduct. Violating the Code of Conduct will be grounds for being removed and banned from the NMGS discord server.

Who goes there?

All members of the New Mexico Gamers Society will be held accountable for their behaviors & in Discord the way we do that is by knowing who you are. This is not the place for anonymity. To that end it is mandatory for all members to provide the administration team with their actual real-life name. We are not requiring anyone to actively use a dead name, but the Admin team needs to be able to identify all members in order to hold everyone accountable & to keep the minors in our community safe.

Display names should reflect the name used in real life rather than a cunning screen name & be stylized in one of the following ways:
  • First name only - Linda
  • If you have a common name like “Linda” please consider using one of the options below to differentiate yourself from others with the same name.
  • First name & last name – Linda Deimer
  • First name & last initial – Linda D.
  • First initial & last name – L. Deimer
  • Two people initials Last name – L. & C. Deimer
  • Using just your last name – Deimer
  • Or with the appropriate prefix if desired - Mrs. Deimer
  • Name using one of the above options (nickname) – Linda (Schmetterling)

If there is a reason that you do not wish to have your IRL name displayed & feel that you need to use an alternate screen name, your reasoning does not need to be shared with everyone, only with the admin team, along with your IRL name & contact information so that we know who you are. The admin team will not share this information in any public fashion & once approved you may use an alternate name for your screen name. In this case please choose an alternate name that looks like an actual name so as to not bring undo scrutiny to yourself. Having the displayed nickname meet this naming convention is a visible cue to all that you have read & agreed to our code of conduct.

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