Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis

Large round window with fillagree, young astral dragon being petted by astral elf in robes with face armor.
Cover Art for Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis

Linda D: D&D Adventures League (Forgotten Realms) ~ Tier 2 (levels 5-10) ~ Spelljammer: Light of Xaryxis ~ Online (Roll20/Discord) 18+ PG13

Set Sail for the Stars!
When a cosmic enemy threatens to destroy your world, brave heroes must do everything in their power to save it. This quest will take you across the teeming oceans of Wildspace to the silvery void of the Astral Sea and beyond. Along the way, you’ll make friends, encounter terrifying foes, and face one cliffhanger after another. Can you save your world before time runs out?


This story revolves around the characters’ efforts to save their home world from an attack by an empire of astral elves. The attack is underway when the adventure begins. After taking refuge aboard a spelljamming vessel, the characters head for the stars to discover who is responsible for the attack and how they can save their world.

During the adventure, the characters encounter many space-dwelling creatures, some of which become companions on the party’s voyage. The characters also meet Princess Xedalli, an astral elf who is embroiled in a power struggle with her twin brother, Prince Xeleth, over who will rule the empire that currently threatens the characters’ world. With or without Xedalli’s help, the characters must assemble an unlikely alliance to strike at the heart of the astral elf empire.

The characters encounter many grandiose locations as the adventure unfolds, including an asteroid city known as the Rock of Bral and the imperial citadel of the astral elves, which orbits a star called Xaryxis.


About your Dungeon Master: 

Each winter I would have to social distance due to underlying health conditions but in 2020 with everyone having to be in the same boat, my partner & I started a gaming group to help support our local game stores – New Mexico Gamers Society. 

I have been running 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons since February of 2018 & had been very active at our Friendly Local Game Store since that time, DMing sessions for Adventures League two to four times a week with as many as sixteen players at a time, many of which were new to Role-Playing or at least new to this edition of D&D.

Shortly after starting to run 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons, we began to run a game for our autistic son and his friends. While raising a child with special needs requires a fair amount of patience, we quickly learned that running Role Playing Games for a group of children takes a great deal more. As time progressed more kids became interested in what we were doing and we ended up having to run multiple tables. Gradually we formed our own organized play system for 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons that is custom tailored for young players called Briar Guard Heroes where we both coordinated a team of DMs as well as ran tables for the youth ourselves.

At these events we organized 5-8 tables with up to 8 players at each. The players’ ages ranged from as young as 6 to as old as 21. In 2019 we had over 80 participants and had been constantly acquiring new members. Briar Guard Heroes itself had grown in such popularity that we had to move from hosting events once a month to having 2 paired events once every three months with a registration required to ensure that there is enough space for all participants. Having a wealth of patience is vital in educating new players (both young and old alike) and this experience has proven to us both that this is a trait that we have in abundance. (Briar Guard Heroes in person events are currently on Hiatus at this time.)

Due to the high demand we also created a system for introducing D&D to preschoolers (as young as 3) called “The Littlest Heroes” which is available on the DM’s Guild. We also collaborated on a number of published adventure modules including a 2 part tier 2 holiday module called “The Orb of Frostrealm” as well as constructed various player handouts and pre-generated characters that we make use of at our local events, training classes, and private games. During Adventurers League nights at our FLGS over the past years we ended up helping to organize the other DMs and players as well as ensured current AL documentation, character sheets, log sheets, etc. were readily available for all participants and provided direction on AL rulings & guidelines to our community at large. A few times now our amazing FLGS also had us run a 6 week-long DM class to get people ready to run, both for organized play as well as for private games.

Outside of Dungeons & Dragons, I have years of experience working in technical support and am reasonably savvy when it comes to working with technology like the hardware and software that is used for games using Roll20. I prefer to have character sheets and dice rolls directly in Roll20 (rather than using external sites like D&D Beyond) & discord on our server for both out of game communications as well as voice (&video when possible).


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