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There are many groups dedicated to various types of gaming throughout New Mexico. Some are more generalized while others specialize in their specific game sets or regional areas. While NMGS welcomes all types of gaming throughout the entirety of New Mexico to be added to our schedule and have channels of discussion in our discord, we acknowledge other local groups will always exist as well. As NMGS endeavors to build up the entire gaming community throughout the land of enchantment, we wanted to share the other local groups within our community to help foster an environment of collaboration that will ultimately help connect gamers with each other.

Below is a list of various New Mexico-based groups dedicated to assorted gaming types. These groups are not associated with or administered by New Mexico Gamers Society but are vital parts of our local gaming community. Please be respectful and if there are any issues reach out to the admins of the respective groups. Many local game stores will also have their own discord servers or community pages on social media. To find out about those groups please visit the respective shop’s site as linked on our Stores page. 

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Albuquerque Game Night

Abq Game Night

Group for people who are interested in playing board/table top games. People can offer to host, we can pick various locations in town to play at.

Albuquerque Storygamers

Abq Storygamers

This group is for discussion of story games – tabletop games that prioritize narrative and storytelling. Anyone interested is welcome, but our physical meetups will take place in and around Albuquerque.

Battleshock  Immune

Battleshock Immune

Battleshock Immune gathers Warhammer fans from all over New Mexico to share ideas, tips, and tactics as well improving abilities on the battle map & at the hobby desk.

New Mexico Battletech

NM Battletech

Group for Battletech gaming in NM. Primarily based in Alb., but open to all!
The year is 3025 & the galaxy is in a cycle of perpetual war, fought by noble houses with enormous, mechanized BattleMechs.

Board Game Club,
ABQ, Rio Rancho

Board games

This group is a space for board game lovers, and a welcoming space for those just checking out the hobby, organizing game nights, meeting friends, sharing local Game Events, Cons, Board Game News and Reviews

Bolters con Queso

Bolters con Queso

The most active Warhammer 40k club in Albuquerque, NM. We hold tournaments, escalation leagues and other events. Our focus is on inclusion and our active members range from skilled veterans to confused newbies.

New Mexico Cosplay

NM Cosplay

A Facebook page for New Mexico cosplayers to share their work with others around the state and the world.

NM Digimon CCG

NM Digimon CCG

A Facebook page for New Mexico cosplayers to share their work with others around the state and the world.

Heroclix New Mexico

Heroclix NM

Group solely for players within the state of New Mexico for the sharing of information related to the Digimon CCG including Tournament locations, Card Spoilers, etc.

NM Magic: The Gathering

NM Magic: the gathering

This Facebook group is a place where you can find up to date information related to Magic the Gathering events, releases, news, tournaments, & so forth across the state of New Mexico!

New Mexico MTG


The purpose of this group is to create some solidarity in the NM Magic: The Gathering scene, to get better at the game and gain strength in numbers by becoming more unified with each other.

NM Rhythm Game Community

NM Rhythm

A place for the players of NM to discuss Rhythm Game things, post progress, find events, meet new people and what not! Add friends who you know and think would be interested! 

Role for Recovery

Role for Recovery

Join Phoenix Team Members and participants of our Role for Recovery (Role Playing Experience) live stream group. Catch up on sessions with story recaps, talk to other group members about the adventure, and more!

Southern NM Tabletop & RPG

Southern NM TTRPG

A local-ish group about RPGs, tabletop games, & other geekery. A place to network & find or promote games, events, & fellow gamers in the region. Alamogordo, Artesia, Carlsbad, Hobbs, Las Cruces, Roswell, Socorro, etc.


NM Star Wars Gamers

NM Star Wars gamers

This group is for all gamers, nerds, geeks and any other Star Wars fans who enjoy playing the vast number of games set in our beloved universe. Use this page to find players, events and pickup games any time you want!

Star Wars Legion NM

Star Wars Legion NM

Welcome to Star Was Legion-New Mexico! If you live in New Mexico, play Legion, or are curious about Legion, join our group and be a part!

Star Wars X-Wing Minis NM

Star Wars X-wing Miniatures NM

A group for all lovers of Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures who live anywhere in New Mexico


UNM Esportsunm esports

UNM Esports is an organization that’s centered around fostering a healthy and stable competitive gaming scene at UNM. We intend to compete in collegiate leagues/tournaments for scholarships, host various events to facilitate relationships between ALL gamers, provide opportunities to our members, and to expand gaming culture among the Albuquerque area.



Westside Abq/Rio Rancho Tabletop Gaming

West ABQ Rio Rancho Tabletop gaming

A group for all lovers of Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures who live anywhere in New Mexico





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