While events are conducted at no cost to participants, please be aware that Event Hosts, Admins & Moderators are all unpaid volunteers. Many spend not just time, but their own money, to prepare for events. When possible, we encourage participants to tip using the method listed for the events that they join. Recommended tips are between $5-10 of store credit at the DM’s preferred local Game Store per session for each participant. In some cases, event hosts may set their preferred tipping method to instead be donations to NMGS. If you had a great time & can afford to do more, it’s always appreciated. While a few dollars may not seem like much, it adds up & helps cover costs that Event Hosts might incur.

NMGS provides scheduling services & event coordination at no charge, but donations for administrative costs to our PayPal (listed under Linda Deimer, one of the cofounders & admins for the New Mexico Gamers Society) are always appreciated.


We also have a print on demand setup with our logo so that you can show your support for New Mexico Gamers Society by rocking out with NMGS branded merchandise. You can find this merchandise on the NMGS page at Molten Dreams by following the link below:

nmgs logo
NMGS Merchandise


All proceeds from the sales of NMGS branded merchandise as well as donations to our PayPal will go towards operating costs which include scheduling services, website hosting fees, domain registration, web maintenance, and other administrative costs.

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