New Event & New Event Host

A Group of adventurers wielding magic and weapons

Welcome our new Event Host – !!!


Blake will be running a D&D Homebrew campaign in his new apartment and would like to invite you to join! This weekly campaign will follow players entering Ethelseld with an artifact that they can neither name nor remember acquiring. Find out why these mysterious artifacts have brought together your band of misfits! Running a 5e epic fantasy homebrew.


Blake, is a new-ish DM looking to hang out with a chill group in Albuquerque. There will be lots of opportunity to shape the campaign as he learns what kind of characters we might have signing up, but in general we’re looking at an epic high fantasy campaign that dabbles with comedy when the vibe is right. He will have a homebrewed race which will be playable if you would be interested in trying that out but otherwise nearly every other race and class will be on the table if we can work decent stats for your characters.

Players will be meeting at his apartment after February 25th when he moves in, preferably around 8pm on Wednesday nights, but he could be available on Thursdays as well if need be.

To register for this event visit the Play page



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