Dragonlance: Fifth Age

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Daniel C is back from his honeymoon (Congrats on your wedding Daniel!!!) and is ready to start running for us in person again.  To start with he will be running an in-person game at Ettin Games and Hobbies in Albuquerque every other Thursday. We are excited to have him back.

THe System:

Dragonlance: Fifth Age is a diceless role-playing game, where players use cards instead of dice for character creation, determining whether characters succeed in their actions, and resolving encounters in combat. Each player holds a hand of cards with values on them from 1 at the lowest to 10 at the highest, with the size of a player’s hand determined by how many adventures completed by that player’s character. Any time a character needs to make a skill test or a combat chance resolved, the player plays a card and adds the value of the card to the appropriate attribute number; the character succeeds if the total is higher than the value determined by the gamemaster. The importance of the dramatic roles of characters in the Dragonlance saga is emphasized throughout the manual, and assumes that mundane actions such as purchasing standard gear are not necessary to role-play. The game features an open spell system rather than a set list of spells, where players describes what their heroes want to do using the magical abilities open to them, and the gamemaster decides how successful the hero is.

Dragonlance: Fifth Age was published in a boxed set, which contained three books, a deck of cards, a map of Krynn, a two-panel quick reference card, and eighteen character cards. The books were The Book of the Fifth Age, Dusk or Dawn, and Heroes of the New Age. The Fate deck was made up of eighty two cards in nine suits, with eight suits consisting of nine cards and the last one having ten.


This set takes place 30 years following the second Cataclysm of Krynn, with the old gods having abandoned Krynn after the destruction caused by Chaos. The game is based in the era known as the Fifth Age of Krynn, or the Age of Mortals. Dragon Overlords have taken over most of Ansalon, and killed the other dragons to take their lifeforce. Although the Dragon Lords remain in Ansalon, humans are now the dominant force. The old magic of the world is now gone, and creatures including the good dragons, silvanesti elves, and kender live in fear. The world is in chaos, as rival factions seek power while the Dragons desperately try to regain their control.

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